Whacko environmentalists on the loose in DC

These folks are likely to turn dangerous in the coming years.  Not to mention all the havoc their ideas/ideals are having on the economy.

From the Casper Star-Tribune

At least one Wyomingite was arrested at a sit-in protest at Interior Department headquarters in Washington, D.C., on Monday, an activist news organization said.

Kristen Owen, a member of a Laramie-based environmental group, was protesting a recent announcement of new coal leases in Wyoming and plans to ship the state’s coal to Asia, according to Democracy Now!, an activist news media website.


About hcrisisngtide

Rabid industrialist anti-environmentalist.
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One Response to Whacko environmentalists on the loose in DC

  1. John Woods says:

    I agree, these violent enviros must be stopped. Eventually I hope they will grow up or run out of money and we can get this country back to being the greatest nation. The ChiComm are on the march and we are in the cross hairs.

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